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The effectiveness of wolfberry tea drinking


The medical experts of the past generations treated visual disturbances such as hepatic insufficiency and kidney yin loss, and night blindness, etc., and formulas of wolfberry often appeared in the prescription. Folks often use wolfberry fruit as a therapeutic method for the treatment of chronic eye diseases. The soaking water is one of the very simple ways to eat. In real life, many office workers often make brewing water drunk to ease the eye fatigue problem. Daily use of 10 or so quail soaked in hot water, drinking water to eat wolfberry, can help us Liver eyesight, nourishing liver and kidney, beauty whitening and so on.


1. Can black tea make tea?

Black wolfberry can drink tea, often drinking black wolfberry tea can reduce cholesterol and blood lipids, to avoid cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, but also to prevent cardiovascular disease. Black tea can drink to lose weight and lose weight, proper drinking can laxative, help discharge the body of toxins, you can reduce the stomach, but also to enhance digestive function. Black wolfberry tea can add water and nutrients, can nourish whitening skin, but also dilute skin pigmentation. Note that black cockroaches are hot foods. People who are getting angry do not eat them. Otherwise, the body is stimulating, prone to blemish, and prone to oral ulcers.

2, how to make tea

Scorpion tea drink has a good nourishing. Specific tea making methods: Select 10 good dumplings, prepare appropriate amounts of honey and chrysanthemums, put the pots and chrysanthemums into cups first, and then pour in freshly boiled water, cover with stuffy lids for about 15 minutes. Cover with appropriate amount of honey and drink it directly. The reason why chrysanthemum is added is because chrysanthemum is hot and chrysanthemum can be used to neutralize part of the phlegm. It is not easy to get angry after drinking. Tea with wolfberry drink can help digestion, relieve fatigue, replenish energy and moisture.

3, can you eat after you make tea?

You can drink tea. The wolfberry itself is rich in vitamins and minerals. Drinking wolfberry tea in a proper way can promote the body's microcirculation and improve immunity. It can also protect the liver, nourish the kidneys, and enhance male sexual function. Tea drinking can add nutrients, can improve the skin, whitening the skin. Proper drinking tea can reduce blood fat and blood pressure, can clear the gastrointestinal waste, but also lose weight, eliminate body edema. Hot and strong, drink up to two cups of wolfberry tea per day, and drinking too much can easily get angry.

4, Schisandra and wolfberry soaked in water to drink

Schisandra and wolfberry soaked in water are good for the body. It contains organic acids and vitamins. It also contains phytosterols and flavonoids. Schisandra and wolfberry soaked in water can nourish the liver and enhance the ability of the cells to metabolize waste, so that the body cells get more oxygen, and the cell's ability to work is greatly enhanced. Drinking schisandra chinensis soaked in water can improve memory, it can also enhance the ability of the liver to detoxify and detoxify, and can promote the self-repair of damaged liver cells. Schisandra saponin soaked water has anti-inflammatory effect, can prevent cell damage and enhance immunity.

5, what is the role of jaundice and wolfberry soaked in water

Astragalus and wolfberry soaked in water can relieve the weakness of qi and blood, and can make up for qi, even the effect can be comparable to ginseng. Can promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, protect blood vessel function, but also can reduce swelling and diuresis, ladies drink Astragalus soaking water can beauty beauty, can prevent colds and lower blood sugar. Astragalus soaked in water can promote the health of the spleen and stomach, can treat lung deficiency, relieve physical fatigue, cold cough can drink water soaked in water, there is a therapeutic effect. After getting up in the morning, the eyelids are swollen, and drinking astragalus soaked in water quickly improves.

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